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My commissions are now experimentally open. The prices are likely to change in the future since this is my first time around. Email me at or tumblr message me if you’re interested. Regardless of whether or not you buy, a signal boost would be much appreciated. 

I don’t do furries, or child - adult couples but everything else is acceptable. Backgrounds and fullbodies must be negotiated. $10 BW thigh-ups are also available.


No I’m not smiling at you I’m smiling at your dog don’t look at me


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Shot for Grimy Goods. See the full set HERE!


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Title: Omission
Artist: John Frusciante
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Lie down,

try not to cry…


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The Mars Volta and John were outside waiting for the van and just out of the blue my niece came to me and told me: " I know what to say to John" and I asked her what? and she said "I love your music very much" (up until that moment she hadn’t spoken to him, she was very shy..)… and I said  that it was ok, but I didn’t believe she was for real… but thank god I was mistaken! 

She went to him and said :”John?”… he turned around and when he saw her he bent like in the picture… and then she told him “I love your music very much” and John started to reply to her but she didn’t understand him (she couldn’t speak in english at that time!! she only knew how to say those words!!)…. so I explained to him the situation and so he did the most beautiful thing I have seen… he took her by the arm and said with words and gestures "YOU (he pointed at her) MADE ME (he pointed at him) HAPPY (with his fingers "drew" a smile on his lips)

-The story behind this picture, told by Silvina (photographer)

This is the most adorable story I’ve ever heard and this picture is one of my favourites :)



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